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We can build custom equipment for companies that are in any food processing industry. contact us.

Looking for a complete shelling system? Check out the Eagle Shelling System! From cracking to finished product; It takes care of it all.

Need a way to separate your nut meat from your nut shell? Browse over to the Cyclone Head Blower page and find out how!

We have added the C.I.T. Sizer and the Five Screen Stack Sizer . Check them out! They are sure to answer your sizing problems.

Inspection Table information has been added to our Products Page.

See our 14 inch and 18 inch diameter Pecan Shellers here.

New information on the Modern Electronics Pecan Cracker.

It's time to start thinking about next season!


February, 17 2009

Don't forget to visit our publications page where you can find a wealth of information about pecan shelling

Eagle Shelling System

February, 16 2009

Modern Electronics and Equipment Inc. is offering a complete pecan shelling system for small to medium sized pecan processors and pecan growers. The Eagle Shelling System has everything you need to produce quality shelled pecan nut meat. Click here for more information.

You can also go here to get more details about the eagle shelling system, and to see how it performed in a real world test.


Modern Electronics and Equipment has been serving the pecan industry nationwide by specializing in the fabrication of standard and custom pecan shelling equipment. We provide our customers with the finest quality products available. Product lines consist of three different sizes of pecan shellers, pecan crackers, and a host of commercial and non-comercial equipment used during the pecan shelling process.

Although pecan shelling is our specialty, we can build equipment for any food processing operation. All you need to do is contact us by phone or via email. See the contact information link to the left.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship that is offered at Modern Electronics assures our customers the best service available.